Friday, 1 July 2011

ViVi August issue

Namie Amuro is on the cover of this month's ViVi. Her new album 'Checkmate!' is generating a lot of interest right now in Japan. ViVi has a feature interview with Namie that includes photographs from her exclusive fashion shoot for the magazine.

Namie Amuro on the cover
Many young Japanese women like sexy and energetic fashion. Maybe that's what makes ViVi so fascinating to readers in Australia and throughout Asia. It's always a great source of new ideas that come from continually transforming style-hubs like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

SNAP SECTION. Get ready for warmer weather with a glimpse of mid-summer fashion co-ordination. There's a lot of photos to heat up your imagination while you're still chilling out during Melbourne's winter.

HOT CO-ORDINATION. Check out the great summer looks from ViVi models Lena Fujii and Chikako Watanabe.

FREE. Summer Nail Booklet (16 pages).

Lena's co-ordination

Chikako with Sexy Maxi


Summer Nail Book

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