Monday, 15 August 2011

Magazine arrived on Monday, August 15


Onesan ni Natta
S Cawaii!, EDGE STYLE, BLENDA, Onesan ni Natta, MAMA JELLY
Steady, Ane Can, GLAMOROUS
marisol, LEE, VERY

Men's EX
Wink up

<Life & Style>
duet, POTATO, WInk up, Only Star,
ESSE, Fujin Koron


Friday, 12 August 2011

Magazines arrived. Aug 12

Koakuma Ageha, egg, BETTY, papier, VERY, Precious

<Brand mook>


<Life & Style>
Dolly Dolly, Otome Continue, Figure Oh, Otona Anime
Cosmode, Coscraft, Kaso Isho Collection, COOL-B
Preppy, Snip Style
Nikkei Rrestaurant, Ryori Okoku
Cotton Time,
Playboy, Josei Jishin, Nikkei Entertaiment, Nikkei Woman

Jump SQ, Shonen Magazine Monthly, Young Ace, Hana to Yume
b-boy HONEY, Junk Boy
Young Jump, Shonen Magazine Weekly, Shonen Sunday Weekly, Morning

<Art & Design>

GT-R Magazine

Monday, 8 August 2011

Magazines arrived on Aug 8 (Mon)

Popteen, Seventeen, Numero Tokyo, Nylon Japan, PS, Story, Grazia, mini

Free & Easy, Lightning, gap PRESS MEN

Ribon, Nakayoshi, Ciao, ARiA
Shonen Jump

<Life & Style>
Rockstar, Fool's Mate, Only Star
Dengeki G's Magazine, Nyantype, Megami Magazine
Kateigaho, Orange Page

Hyper Rev BMW MINI

Thursday, 4 August 2011

In Store Now Aug 4 (Thu)


Vogue Japan, GISELe, with, MORE, Oggi, SO-EN, NYLON JAPAN, PS, Popteen, egg, mini

Street Jack, Lightning, Free & Easy, Slider

<Life & Style>
Megami Magazine
Hobby Japan, Dengeki Hobby Magazine, Famitsu DS+Wii


+act, +act mini, The SAX, ARENA 37 ASIAN PLACE, Airline, SUMO, Model Cars
Shogaku Ichinensei, Yochien, Playboy Weekly, Alba Tross-View

Comp Ace, Gundam Ace, Sylph, Dengeki Daioh, KeroKero Ace
Shonen Magazine, Shonen Sunday, Morning, Young Jump

Option, Hyper Rev Honda CR-Z, Car Graphic, VIP STYLE

<Art & Design>
Shoten Kenchiku (Shop Archtecture), a+u (Architecture + Urbanism)

Monday, 1 August 2011

These magaznes in store now.

smart, Cool Trans, LEON, HUgE
<Life & Style>
Popolo, MYOJO, Junon, Only Star, The Television
Lettuce Club, Josei Seven
Shonen Jump Weekly, Young Magazine, Big Comic Sprits, ASUKA

VoCE, ViVi, Can Cam, SPRiNG
SPUR, JJ, Soup, Zipper, Bdoy+

Saturday, 30 July 2011


Guys know more than one way to get around the city. Grab your skateboard and take a free ride with some genuine rule-breakers as they put their own tags on the hyper streets of Tokyo.

warp gets you up-close with Japan's boarding set. These cool dudes will jump off the page, spin you around and then hoist you aboard. You can see why so much of the world follows their fashion lead. Look for actor model Gota Watanabe on the cover of the big August September Double Issue.
Set your GPS for Shibuya and cruise on down to cranking new destinations like Miyashita Skateboard Park, an awesome project that Paul Rodriguez and Lance Mountain helped transform. Don't miss stopping at Barber shop Cold Cuts or Glorious Chain Cafe designed by DIESEL, and Murasaki Sport's Boarders Fact. It's a rite of passage for any true knee-blooded skateboarder.

Time to ramp-up your babe-magnet threads? Drop your hat inside Chrome Hearts Harajuke, Vintage Denim, United Arrows, PROD and Supreme.

Want to get your ass into SHORTS that are as cool as your board? This issue is extra long on shorts with almost 20 pages dedicated to them. So you can start searching here for the ultimate Boardies. Good looking, functional and durable original design shorts in many patterns and plains, above or below the knee. Take your pick from dozens of styles from dozens of classic brands like Quicksilver and Lifetime Collective. Once you find them, you may never want to take them off.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Magazines arriving July 28 (Thu) and July 29 (Fri)


<Women’s Interest>
ViVi, Can Cam, JJ, Ray, Soup, Zipper, SPRiNG, non no, SPUR, VoCE, MAQUIA,

<Men’s Interest>
Men’s Knuckle, Smart, HUgE

Jump SQ Lab, LaLa, ASUKA, G Fantasy, KoroKoro Comic, V Jump, Big Comic Original
Shonen Magazine Weekly, Shonen Sunday Weekly, Morning, Young Jump

<Life & Style>
UTB+, SHOXX, Cure, Popolo,
ku:nel, Fujin Koron, Josei Jishin
Senmon Ryori, Kyo no Ryori
Patchwork Club, THE SAX

Hiragana Times

G-Works, Custom Burning