Sunday, 17 July 2011


If you've ever thought riding a classic motorbike would be cool, or you've experienced how cool it is, we have a magazine that will turn your head. One of our first buyers of CYCLE HEADZ is a customer who has never ridden a motorbike by who just loves the look of this magazine. He commented on how the photographers had captured a lifestyle that was far more stylish than he had imagined. Definitely hip. A little grungy and very, well, masculine. He wanted to go and get on a Harley immediately!

Magazine cover
The current issue features:
Local Heroes go back in time
We live in a world where you can easily find a small amount of information on a large number of subjects. Some Japanese have defied this trend by immersing themselves more deeply in fewer things. Kind of a 'less is more' philosophy. Some want to know all about what's cool in motorbikes. In particular, they track down the individual bikers in local communities who are obsessed with bike culture. Its origins and traditions. Going back to what made riding a motor bike great in the first place. Sure it's deep. But it can also be meaningful. Along the way, CYCLE HEADZ will introduce you to some genuine originals and their amazing machines.

Tokyo Scooter Boyz
It used to be that Vespas were synonymous with MODS and their unique fashion style, but that's no longer the only possibility on the streets of Tokyo. Borrowing from the American Easy Riders of the 1970s, some J-guys are chopping their Vespas and other scooters and creating one-off customised interpretations. Check them out. A way cool way to go.


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