Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sweet July issue

If the name Sweet makes you think 'innocent' then you may be a little surprised by one of our most popular magazines for 20-something women. Sweet magazine focuses on casual yet elegant fashion. It also looks at the lifestyle of young single women who are always busy at work and play.

Risa Hirako on the cover
Look for models like Rinka, Hinano Yoshikawa, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro and Risa Hirako on the cover.

July Sweet features the versatility and beauty of the 'everyday' dress. Delightful styles for relaxing at sea, heading high into the mountains, going on a hot date or getting through a hard day at work. You'll discover so many different dress ideas to give you fashion inspiration.  

There's also a Sweet tribute to the make-up style of famous Hollywood actresses and iconic models. Discover how you can look just like Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Twiggy or Catherine Deneuve!

And don't forget your free gift from a major fashion brand: July Sweet includes a complimentary Cher Shore tote bag and pouch.
Dress for a Sweet date

Flower print dresses
Twiggy make up

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